1D Simulation of Ocean Waves

The upcoming 1.11 release of Floating Sandbox sports a completely redesigned wave sub-system. The previous wave simulation was a simple superimposition of two sine waves, for which the user could control height and speed. The visual results were not that bad with default settings: When increasing wave height, though, the “fake” nature of the waves […]

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Euler Fights with Square Drag

While working on Floating Sandbox 1.10.0 I stumbled upon an issue that I totally didn’t see coming. A user (Dkuz The Fox, thank you) reported that when placing an anti-matter bomb on the tail of the Submarine 3000, the submarine would at times disappear. And even more intriguing was the fact that this would only […]

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A Physics Puzzle

While working on Floating Sandbox 1.8 I realized I’d gone through 8 versions without noticing a subtle bug in the buoyancy simulation. Fixing the bug challenged my common sense on how things really sink underwater, and after bringing up the discussion at lunch with some of my colleagues, I realized it was not only my […]

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