Proud of My Patch Panel

Today was my last day of work at my current company, and I paid a visit to the company’s offices to return company property and cleanup my drawer. On my way out, I had a last glance at the patch panel of the office – it took me a few days in February 2010 to […]

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OWASP and Input Validation

As a follow-up to my previous post, here’s another example of OWASP’s “authoritative” prescriptive guidance that gives developers advice that is, in my humble opinion, dangerously wrong, and which contributes in building that sort of “parrot security expertise” – i.e. expertise that is based on repeating nonsensical mantras – which you see unfortunately way too […]

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Chip? No, Thanks

An awesome example of how banks and the payment industry try to screw customers. In the Netherlands, the payment cards handed off by the banks usually have a magnetic strip and a smart card chip. However, stores here gladly accept the magnetic strip and I’ve never been requested to use the chip. I only had […]

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